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Joseph O'Connor, Ian McDermott.

Principles of NLP

We are very happy to use the opportunity to talk about the principles of NLP. NLP - is practice. At the center of his interests is a particular experience - your experience, that is what is, not what it could be. NLP teaches how to expand and enrich our understanding of the world.

What is NLP - neuro-linguistic programming? The answer to this question lies in the sense of the concepts included in the name. "Neuro" - refers to the brain and mind and has to do with how we organize our thinking. "Linguistic" - refers to the language, to the way we use it, and how it affects us. "Programming" - due to the

Formation of a sequence of repetitive elements of behavior and the way we carry out targeted actions. Thus, NLP explores communication available between our thoughts, speech and actions, that is what connects us to other people, with the world and its spiritual dimension.
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