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Version 3.00

Before you a collection of the best publications of web designers and web masters Runet.

All collected, classified and ready to eat.

Be of good cheer!

What's new in the third version:

- Added "Manual DHTML";

- Added the third stage of training "Study of psychology at the Internet and its use in building sites";

- The article Georgy Good "On the effective arrangement of the elements of graphics and text on the screen";

- The article Georgy Good "About the elements of perception and colors"

Differences between the second version of the first:

- Added a "Practical Guide to HTML" Nicholas Chuvakhin;

- Added collection of JavaScripts;

- The article by Vladislav Zolotukhin "frame";

- The article Victor Anuprienko "Create META-tag"

To start the application, unzip and run the file index.html
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