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The manual is intended for executives economic facilities that store and use in the production of liquefied chlorine and other emergency chemically hazardous substances. It would be a ho-Roshim help in training of civil defense and emergency-governmental organizations, institutions, educational institutions, officers and men divisions of search and rescue services, teachers BZH and life safety, educational centers and courses GO, workers, employees and other population category Defense and Emergencies.

The guide gives a brief description of the most common emergency chemi-cally hazardous substances (APB), disclosed characteristics, appearance Extraordinary Situations, rules of conduct and protection of the population in the areas of chemical contamination.

The technique of forecasting and assessment of the situation in the emissions into the environment of chlorine and other emergency chemically hazardous substances, which is based on acting in the management bodies of civil defense and emergency documents: "Techniques for forecasting ZOOM-CWA contamination substances in accidents (destruction) at chemically hazardous analyzing processes ( 52.04.253-90 RD) and "Methodological manual on the prediction and assessment of the chemical environment in emergency situations" (Institute of Civil Defense, M. 1993).

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