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When you need to make investment decisions, the last thing you may wish - is that, your computer has helped along the way. Technology should help find solutions. but not to interfere.

This is one of the main reasons that MetaStock based on the concept of "visual" investment. "Visual" investment program proposes to work with your eyes, freeing the mind for more important things, for example, such as your money.

"Visual" investment was made possible by an object-oriented approach and strict adherence to the principles laid down in Annex Windows "Microsoft Office", as well as the principles of "Microsoft" in the development of the user interface. The result is a modern-compatible interface.

A simple expression "object-oriented principle" means that the team for the objects contained in the objects themselves. It is more efficient to call the command directly from the object than to look for it in the maze of menus and toolbars.

So, to start working with MetaStock for Windows, you need to know two commands:

Right-click on the project, in which is displayed a menu of commands for that object.

Technique "grasp and Throw" (Drag and drop). This makes it possible to draw a "D" lines on the screen, it is easy to move the indicators, prices, insert the inner windows, etc. All this helps you find the auspicious moment for investment.

Possessing only two teams, you can with the help of extensive

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