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After payment, you instantly receive a license key to activate the game The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game of the Year Edition in the Steam system and turn on all network functions in the game.

Our guarantees:
- 15 years old on! Quality tested by time!
- More than 120 thousand sales!
- Over 20 thousand positive comments!
- Business level Webmoney - 550!
- For all goods a lifetime warranty!

The game has no territorial restrictions - REGION FREE and is suitable for activation in any country.

The game has no territorial restrictions.

Each buyer who left a positive feedback about the product will receive an individual KEY of ACTIVATION ONE OF THE STEAM GAMES AS A GIFT !!! Only here you get a guaranteed gift for each purchase and review !!! And not just a random game like most sellers, but a game of choice from more than 20 proposed (list and instructions are sent to the post !!!)

OBLIGATORY CONDITION: in the recall do not forget to write a request in the receipt! Gifts are dispatched within 1-2 working days. Please check the SPAM folder, maybe our letter got there. Resellers and buyers who have a personal discount of 5% or more do not participate.

Languages: English, German, Spanish, French. There is no Russian language, be careful, Russifiktor is in the Steam community.

The Elder Scrolls IV: The Oblivion Game of the Year Edition includes additions to Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles.

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is one of the best RPGs in history. Step into the brightest and most elaborate game world. You can go only on the main storyline or immerse yourself in this world with your head and find for yourself a lot of interesting and varied tasks.


Live your life in the game world.
Create your unique hero and become anyone at your discretion. Be a noble knight, a merciless killer, or a powerful magician.
Battles from the first person
The new combat system from the first person translates standard elements of RPG to a new level.
Advanced AI
New innovative artificial intelligence is one of the main assets of Oblivion. Each character lives his life and pursues his own goals. They decide on their own when they go to sleep or eat, go to a tavern or shop. It is impossible to predict what is on the mind of a particular character at the moment.
Master new land in the addition of "Shivering Isles"
In addition to Shivering Isles, you will be taken to Shigorat, which is divided into Mania and Dementia. Which way do you decide.
Fight off the scores of new enemies in the addition of "Shivering Isles"
Shigorat is filled with terrible and disgusting creatures.
Revive the ancient order in the supplement "Knights of the Nine"
The Order of the Knights of the Nine were dissolved long ago. You are entrusted with a mission to revive the Order and return it to its former glory.

@MediaSoft - 15 years old on! Quality tested by time!
Key activation instructions:

1. Download and install Steam, register your account on Steam.
2. Start the Steam client, log in to your account and click the "Add game - activate via Steam" button and follow the instructions. After activation, the game appears in the list of games and you can download it.

If you have additional questions, contact the seller in the online chat or write to e-mail.

Attention! The seller is only responsible for the activation of the key or the gilt! And is not responsible for technical problems when starting, in-game and non-compliance of PC and system parameters. All such problems are solved through official technical support of publishers.

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