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Use Banner buddy for a quick generation of HTML-code

your banner or text links!

Just four mouse clicks and you get your code

your banner, which is cleared only insert on your page!

In addition, you can specify the text to be

displayed in the status bar of the browser when you hover your mouse on the banner

The same opportunities and to create a simple text link.

Banner buddy is suitable not only for beginners

webmasters, but also more experienced proedstavte how much time you'll save!


MsAgent JavaScript Editor - This is not just a collection of some cheap scripts that open useless pop-up windows and annoy your visitors! It is the latest technology in the advertising world and bring, I would even say luring users to your website! Whatever it was the site of what would be the site was, with this program you may be interested in your potential user, client, customer. And this, in my opinion, the most important thing! He will surely be interested in the information that is presented on the site, as you present it will be very effective! And, of course, effective. The man, who met for the first time this effect will be simply amazed and extremely surprised! And it is also very important, as among the hundreds of sites that he visited today, it is especially memorable either as left in his memory a pleasant and AWESOME NEXT.


With my goods all right,

But if all the same that something is wrong with any purchased

I have a product, then hurrying to leave negative

Details and contact me at e-mail: -

I there also replace the goods or return money.


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