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Now English is not just good to know, but you need to really know him well! We no longer live behind the "iron curtain". The curtain is now more paper. As for the financial difficulties, it is we hope to survive.

So English. Where to start and what techniques to use when studying? Techniques much like people. Someone suitable method by Ilona Davydova, and someone he generally contraindicated. What is interesting is learning English, the easier it is stored. What we're listening to a lecture or a seminar, we grasp the first time only 16 percent (tests have shown), and the rest "finish off" nights, reading and cramming the material several times. Well, what one hears in a friendly conversation without straining with the memory and does not creak, brains, he can remember even one hundred percent. Who said that children should be taught to effortlessly and adults, they say, and so will understand ?! Adults, almost all learn a lot harder than children. The children are well developed intuition, they are often "climbs" a simple imitation. But adults tend to suffer from quite tedious definitions complicated tables and graphs, and sometimes, unfortunately, outdated literature. I, being a student, not digesting all these tables, designed to facilitate understanding of the subtleties of language, for example, Perfect Tences. I would humanly explain everything, about
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