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Why do I need a business plan?

What is included in a business plan?

Elements of a business plan:


Goals and Objectives

The product (service)

Market analysis

Marketing Plan

Production Plan

Management personnel

Sources and scope of the required funds

The financial plan and risk assessment

Detailed financial plan (budget)

Advice on registration of a business plan


Choosing a business, you need to plan how you will

organize. This plan is necessary for all: for those who you are going to

ask for money for its project - the bankers and

investors; your employees willing to understand their perspectives and

objectives; and most importantly - you yourself to carefully analyze their

ideas, check their reasonableness and realism.

Without a business - plan generally can not take up the business

activities, or the possibility of failure is too high.

Business plan - is a document that describes all major aspects

the future of the enterprise, analyze all the problems that it can

face and identify ways to address these problems.

Therefore, the right business plan ultimately responds

the question is whether to invest in this business and will bring

whether it is income that will pay all costs of forces and means
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