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Objective 1

Determine the amount of monthly amortization after upgrading the asset.

It is well known:

1. The useful life of fixed assets included in the third amortization group and established by the taxpayer - 4 years.

2. After the expiration of the useful life of fixed assets fully depreciated Stu. As a result of the modernization has been used for 2 years.

3. The cost of upgrading - 354 000, including VAT - 54000rub.

4. The organization uses the straight-line method of depreciation.

5. The accounting policies of the organization has provided pre-Mia depreciation of 10%.

Objective 2.


a) the amount of VAT included in the cost of the computer;

b) the amount of VAT deductible.

It is well known:

1. Organization of 01.04.2008 acquired computer cost 37,760 rubles. (VAT) and put it into operation.

2. The computer is used to carry out operations both taxable and not subject to VAT.

3. In the second quarter of 2008, revenue from operations, not obla¬gaemyh VAT amounted to 400,000 rubles. And the proceeds from the opera¬tsy subject to VAT - 944 000 rubles. (VAT).

4. VAT - 18%.

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