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Collection. 111 ideas for motorists. Part two.

The material is very useful not only for experienced motorists and beginners, but just out of curiosity.

5. Front speakers: Podium for 6x9 ".

6. Digital tachometer - speedometer.

7. transponder technology: "Oh, he counted us!".

8. Repairing the relay turns.

9. Analog voltmeter with extended scale 10 ... 15 V.

10. The electronic voltage regulator.

11. Electric windows.

12. Ignition system with a new way of ignition.

13. What you need to know to resist hijacking cars.

14. Strobe for laser pointer to set the initial moment of ignition of fuel.

15. The electronic circuit breaker wiper.

16. The three-channel power amplifier chips TDA1518BQ.

17. Recommendations for the installation of alarm.

18. Warning reversing.

19. Electronic relays cooling fan with adjustable torque response.

20. The increase in power output radio.

21. The electronic anti-theft devices.
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