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Collection. 111 ideas for motorists. Part Three.

The material is very useful not only for experienced motorists and beginners, but just out of curiosity.

22. Electronic switching weight.

23. Eliminate chatter gearshift.

24. Siren 110 dB on the chip 74C14.

25. Electronic ignition.

26. RF Extender to avtostorozhu.

27. Blue light dashboard.

28. The trigger.

29. The cold start.

30. Care candles.

31. Warning increase speed.

32. The effect of aquaplaning.

33. The luminous jet washer lobovuhi.

34. misted glass.

35. Dial from a tachometer voltmeter (pointer).

36. That winter the water in the barrel washer glass does not freeze.

37. So that the tire does not become attached to the rim.

38. The alarm system of the cell.

39. Digital counter kilometers from the calculator.

40. Digital Tachometer.

41. The door trim cars.

42. modding cars. Highlighting gender.

43. Bonding panel.

44. The simple anti-theft devices.
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