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Collection. 111 ideas for motorists. Part Four.

The material is very useful not only for experienced motorists and beginners, but just out of curiosity.

45. The device for vehicle diagnostics.

46. \u200b\u200bsquibs - element of active protection.

47. How to clean the machine.

48. You have a flat tire.

49. Multi-level LED board voltage.

50. Sound indicator Antison.

51. Highlighting the bottom.

52. The device for setting the ignition timing.

53. The control module of electric locks.

54. How to choose a car.

55. Power on the radio to the vehicle.

56. How to choose a subwoofer for a car.

57. The brake fluid level indicator.

58. How to get rid of the hangover.

59. Settings radio soDya not merged.

60. Water level indicator in the radiator.

61. The charger for the car from the old power supply from the computer.

62. Simple switch turns audio signal and variable frequency.

63. How to create frost.

64. Unpleasant smell from the air conditioner. How to deal with it.

65. A simple circuit switching auto wipers with continuous automatic adjustment of frequency.

66. The original of the immobilizer system.

67. How to remove the stuck vehicle.

68. Manufacture of electrolyte.

69. How to separate prokolovsheysya aboard the bus.

70. If the way your car a flat tubeless tire.

71. Asymmetric tire wear.

72. How to improve the performance of the wiper.

73. How to Repair a candle.
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