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To install the firmware instead

Lada_SAMARA-1.5L, 8V_2111-1411020-70_BOSCH 1.5.4_0261206683_M1V13T64_ori.rar

Lada_SAMARA-1.5L, 8V_2111-1411020-70_BOSCH 1.5.4_0261206683_M1V13S64_ori.rar

Included are two firmware firmware:

Lada_SAMARA-1,5L 8V_2111-1411020-70_BOSCH 154_0261206683_M1V13Y64_tun RCR # AC54

DFID (MAF) -BOSCH 0,280,218 037. The knock sensor broadband.

At the firmware is very good acceleration characteristics.

Fuel consumption is lower than on the original firmware.

Improved cold start with strong low temperatures.

The temperature of operation is reduced to prevent fan

boiling antifreeze.

-------------------------------------------------- -------

And flashing CLEAR eeprom.

To erase the code of the immobilizer control unit memory.

-------------------------------------------------- ----------

For the purchased firmware is available free adjustment

under the regional conditions and the technical condition of the car.

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