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Lada SAMARA-1,5L 8V 2111-1411020-61 Janvar-5,1 A5_03Y25 tun RCR # BE02

EURO-2. DFID (MAF) -BOSCH 0,280,218 037. The knock sensor broadband.

Oxygen sensor BOSCH 0258005 133. adsorber catalyst and, if necessary,

can be removed.

Improved dynamic characteristics of the car.

The temperature of operation is reduced to prevent fan

boiling antifreeze.

To install the firmware instead

Lada_SAMARA-1.5L, 8V_2111-1411020-61_Janvar-5.1_A5V03L25_ori.rar 25-08-2003 rcr # B0DE
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