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To install the firmware instead
Lada_SAMARA-1.5L, 16V_2112 -1411020-41_Janvar_5.1_A5V05N35_ori.rar
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------
Complete firmware firmware:
C turned off the oxygen sensor. Without the canister.
Adjusting the CO through the diagnostic equipment.
Excellent driving dynamics and low fuel consumption.
Improved cold start with strong negative temperatures.
Fan operation temperature is lowered to prevent
boiling antifreeze.

1.Lada SAMARA-1,5L 16V 2112 -1411020-71 Janvar 51 A5V05YR5 tun RCR # 0BE7
 a sensor DMRV BOSCH 0280218037
2.Lada SAMARA-1,5L 16V 2112 -1411020-71 Janvar 51 A5V05YR5 _ 116 tun RCR # 0D12
 a sensor DMRV BOSCH 0280218116

For the purchased firmware is available free adjustment
under the regional conditions and the technical condition of the car.
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