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Lada SAMARA-1.8L, 16V_21124-1411020-31_Janvar_7.2_ASUPER11_ori.rar Euro-2. 10-12-2005 rcr # 6E31 "old hard"
Lada_SAMARA-1.6L, 16V_21124-1411020-31_Janvar_7.2_A205DO57_ori.rar Euro-2 02-04-2007 rcr # 68BF "old hard"
Lada_SAMARA-1.6L, 16V_21124-1411020-32_Janvar_7.2_A205DO54_ori.rar Euro-2. 01-06-2006 rcr # 273E "old hard"
Lada_SAMARA-1.6L, 16V_21124-1411020-32_Janvar_7.2_I205DM53_ori.rar Euro-2. 15-02-2005 rcr # 0010 "old hard"
Lada_SAMARA-1.6L, 16V_21124-1411020-32_Janvar_7.2_I205DO54_ori.rar Euro-2. 01-06-2006 rcr # 2121 "old hard"
Included Lada SAMARA-1,6L16V 21124-1411020-32 Janvar 72 I205YR53 tun rcr # 5B24
Firmware with disabled datchikom oxygen. Diagnsotika adsorber disabled.
(Signal goes to the valve purge, when removing the canister lamp failure
does not light up)
Can be used during the installation of HBO (gas canister equipment)
on the car.
Improved cold start with strong low temperatures.
The temperature of operation is reduced to prevent fan
boiling antifreeze.
Lada SAMARA-1,6L16V 21124-1411020-32 Janvar 72 I205YR53
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