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Lada KALINA-1,4L 16V11194-1411020-20 bosch ME17,9,7 0261S04769 B574CA chip tuning

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LadaKALINA-1.4L16_11194-1411020-20_boschME17.9.7_0261S04769_B574CA01 BOSCH ME17.9.7 serial E-3


1. Lada KALINA-1,4L 16V11194-1411020-20 bosch ME17,9,7 0261S04769 B574CA0YL tun EURO-2. (File format "BIN")

Disabled oxygen sensor № 2. Disabled diagnostka Rough Road Sensor and an adsorber.

(Signals to start and run at serviceable Comp act, but a fault or component is removed

Lamp "CHECK" does not light up).

If necessary, a catalyst, oxygen sensor downstream of the catalyst and the adsorption can be removed.

In firmware good acceleration characteristics.

Fuel consumption is lower than on the original firmware.

Improved cold start with strong low temperatures.

The temperature of operation is reduced to prevent fan

boiling antifreeze.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------

When removing the gas tank adsorber provide a message to the atmosphere.

(Eg replacing the standard cap on the fuel tank cap with a valve)

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------

When programming the ECU and save prezapisyvayte original eeprom.

At the same time kept the keys of the car.

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------

For the purchased firmware is available free adjustment

under the regional conditions and the technical condition of the car.
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