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1. In Aristotelian logic binary opposites

(Alternatives) are

a) life and death

b) true and false

c) land and air

d) war and peace

2. Democritus associated one of several well-known le-Gend of the apple. Cutting apple, Democritus thought about the problem

a) gravity

b) the life and death

c) the divisibility of bodies

g) environmental

3. Together, physicists and chemists have opened

factors influencing the reactivity of substances:

a) the effect of temperature

b) all of the above

c) Catalysts

d) the effect of the concentration

4. Specify the correct number of ways of opening atoms

a) 4 theoretical empirical, intuitive and Mathematics

b) empirical 1

c) 3 theoretical, empirical and intuitive

d) 2 theoretical and empirical

************************************************** **********

99. Give the correct definition of the term "commensalism".

a) a win-win relationship between organisms of different species, in which they sometimes can not exist without each other

b) form relationships of organisms, at which representatives

Is one kind of kill and eat other representatives

c) close co-existence of different species

d) form of existence of two species of organisms in which the body of one type of benefit, without harming other organisms species

100. What it is called biological clock?

a) separation of the planet´s time zones

b) inherent in every human being a sense of time and cyclical changes

c) behavior of the organisms is changeable in connection to the phases of moons

d) the ratio between the length of light and dark time of day, the underlying daily or seasonal activity of plants and animals
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