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Drawings chairs for interior and garden landscape.
Chair in vintage style.
The exclusive design, the average complexity of the work that is necessary to self-production.

Materials used: metal bars D16mm
tree array (larch, oak, alder)

Purpose: self-production,
for furniture shops.

    The content of the product (the archive):

P Package drawings in PDF format for printing.

0) Description
1) Contents
2) A general view with dimensions
3) Designation subassemblies 4) Designation detaley_Karkasa
5) Sborka_Osnovaniya
6) 1-Bokovina_Lev.
7) 2-Bokovina_Lev.
8) 1-Bokovina_Pr.
9) 2-Bokovina_Pr.
10) Sborka_Opora back
11) Support-C-Left
12) Support, C-Right
13) Jumper
14) Sborka_Spinka
15) 1-Spinka_Brus
16) 2-Spinka_Brus
17) Spinka_Planki
18) Seat
19) Armrest
20) The dimensions to seat assembly (1)
21) The dimensions for assembling seats (2)

R Recommendations for manufacturing

With estimates of materials
F File DWG, laser cutting
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