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Stool prove its viability
Design feature of the stool can assume that he will never, under any circumstances, do not break off and disperse legs

The material used for the manufacture: birch plywood, or the re-hardwood.

Overall dimensions

Height 450 mm

The diameter of the seat 340 mm

Category: drawings of furniture

Purpose: for individual processing, for DIY
furniture for shops and businesses.

Product Content
Drawings in PDF format
DWG files for laser and CNC cutting patterns
The prototype (the first sample) stool was in operation for more than 15 years.
How to exploit the stool
According to its intended purpose, that is sitting on it
Was used instead of ladders
Left in the rain and the sun
We used as a stand in the bath for basins
Children were used as material for their barricades
Since it made repairs in the apartment
She dropped
We used as a workbench
Transported from place to place
What happened to the stool after 15 years
Wiped paint progam slightly on the seat

To undermine the whole structure

There were dents

 The whole can be operated and further
15.02.2016 22:36:08
Чертёж превосходный!
Вырезали на фрезере с ЧПУ из 18-ой фанеры. Все детали подошли друг к другу. Собирается плотно, ничего не шатается, не скрипит.
Мы остались довольны!