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Alma waiting, and the level of fear increases while you and your brother cannibal battle to the next nightmare. Battle together or die one by one on deadly missions to resist to your gone mad mother. Players can assume a role of the Field investigator, genetically advanced soldier with superhuman reflexes and ability to manipulate time, or the spirit of his brother Paxton Fettel which rose from the dead, the paranormal being possessing improbable mental force.

Key features

★ Blood flows deeply, F.E.A.R. proceeds even more deeply: F.E.A.R. 3 contains all signs which characterize the F.E.A.R brand. — terrible paranormal atmosphere, violent battles and drama subject line.

★ Any fear alone: F.E.A.R. 3 develops the franchize, representing various cooperative modes: the deep social gameplay giving to players various abilities which will affect their play experience when they play in team... or resist each other.

★ Violent fight: Active system of shelters on 360 degrees, the evolutionary mode of delay of time, system of a points taking and the mechanical fighting units, best in the class, will help players with skirmishes with army of soldiers and paranormal opponents.

★ Experience of the Universe of Alma: The game world is destroyed by Alma´s Universe, alternative measurement in which there lives the mental essence of Alma. The new sister and fantastic hostile beings who are given rise by the perverted Alma´s reason in reality will even more strengthen a panic.

★ the Generating system: The firm technology creates casual events to strengthen feeling of isolation and unpredictability at game alone or with the friend, and suggests gamers every time to play up to the end, getting a unique play experience.

★ Masters of horror: The legendary director John Carpenter and the writer Steve Niles provided the knowledge and directed the project to remove F.E.A.R. 3 on new level. Niles is the coauthor of the confused subject line which shows motivation and development of a family of the main characters, and Carpenter helped to improve kinematics to the best narration and a frightening factor
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5. Game has to appear in the list of your games in the steam-client, and it can be downloaded.
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