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Manuals for Frolov of evening and correspondence students:

"Descriptive Geometry. Engineering Graphics." (Guidance and control tasks)

5. Subject Examination 10.

Performing assembly drawing machine-building products.

The work includes: Driving product specifications, assembly drawings, sketches of details (replaced working drawings).

Detailing no signs of roughness (for non-mechanical-engineering majors).

Volume: A3 - 3 sheets, A4 - 8 sheets.

Screenshot (representation): http://xn--d1aqfdigh.xn--p1ai/example/

The drawings are suitable for most students with the task of self-detalirovanie selected product (valve, plug valve, water valves, etc.).

The work presented in 11 TIFF file resolution 200dpi. This format can be viewed and printed in Windows XP without special applications.

A3 sheets can be printed on A4 with decreasing or "cut" in any bitmap editor and print on two sheets of A4.

Guaranteed to direct buyers to correct content and compliance ESKD - 3 weeks after purchase (if there are any errors - I promise to fix).

The term fixes - 1 week.

Due to my lack of possible from July to October, to the warranty period and fixes added to the period (in case of partial overlap).

To verify the contents or the applicability of the control work to your course, as well as detecting errors or improvements necessary valve assembly drawing and working drawings of details, please refer to the Help Forum

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