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Chapter 1. The world economy and international economic relations: the main features and characteristics

1.1. The subject of international economic relations

1.2. Stages and trends in the global economy

1.3. The essence of the open economy

1.4. The nature and characteristics of the development of international economic relations at the turn of the XXI century

1.5. Features of Russia's integration into the system of international economic relations

Chapter 2. The international division of labor

2.1. The essence of the international division of labor. The theory of comparative costs of production

2.2. Key factors and indicators of development of the international division of labor

2.3. International specialization and co-production

2.4. Modern Western modernization theory of the international division of labor

2.5. Russia in the international division of labor

Chapter 3: International trade

3.1. International trade in the system of international economic relations. Concept of International Trade

3.2. Features of the dynamics and changes in territorial and commodity structure of foreign trade

3.3. The contradictions of modern international trade

3.4. Russia and the World Trade Organization

3.5. Regionalism in International Trade

3.6. The place and role of Russia in world trade

Chapter 4. The international movement of capital

4.1. The reasons for the international movement of capital and its main forms

4.2. The impact of the international movement of capital in the global economy and its implications for exporters and importers of capital

4.3. Modern features and trends in the international movement of capital

4.4. The export of capital from Russia

Chapter 5. Foreign investment in the Russian economy

5.1. The need to attract foreign capital and its importance for the economy of Russia

5.2. The investment climate in Russia and the government measures for improvement

5.3. Forms of participation of foreign capital in the Russian economy

Chapter 6. Free economic zones

6.1. The essence of the free economic zones, the reasons for their creation and place in the world economic relations

6.2. Variety of free economic zones and their main features

6.3. Features of the investment climate of free economic zones

6.4. Free economic zones in Russia

Chapter 7. International labor migration

7.1. Forms of international labor migration and its causes

7.2. Waves of international labor migration and their main features

7.3. Fields of Migration and modern centers of attraction of labor

7.4. Russia on the international labor market

Chapter 8. International corporations in the world economy

8.1. Types of international corporations and their distinctive features

8.2. The main features of the development of transnational corporations and the directions of their activity

8.3. The role of transnational corporations in the world economic relations

8.4. Formation and prospects of Russian multinational companies - financial and industrial groups

Chapter 9 of international monetary relations

9.1. The essence of the international monetary system

9.2. Stages of development of the international monetary system

9.3. International collective currency units

9.4. EMS

Chapter 10. The international monetary and financial and credit markets

10.1. International currency market

10.2. International credit and financial market

10.3. Russia in the international monetary and credit relations

Chapter 11. International economic integration

11.1. Objective framework and stages of economic integration

11.2. Features of the development of Western European economic integration

11.3. The main features of regional economic integration (NAFTA, Mercosur, APEC, and others.)

11.4. Economic relations of Russia with regional integration groupings

Chapter 12. Developing count
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