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To succeed fully in control task to the student to analyze and to submit a detailed solution to one of the situations listed below.
situation 1
In the city of Syktyvkar is planned to open a Japanese restaurant.
Type: restaurant, billiards, sushi bar.
Cuisine: European cuisine, German, Japanese.
Ideal for: corporate events, tourists, romantic appointment, family visit, business meetings, late dinner, Foreigners, supper at reasonable price.
Attracting and retaining customers - the main problem of the project. Influence this process many components - quality and originality of cuisine, service, pricing, atmosphere, interior and, of course, the tools of PR. For a restaurateur, everything is important to take into account is based on the concept of the interests of the institution and its customers.
In today´s "selection problem" should not exclude the need for the "classical" restaurant promotion. Otherwise, how can a potential customer finds out about the new restaurant, its unusual design and cuisine, its unique offers and exciting promotions?
In this project there are the following problems.
Problem number 1. Absence or illegibility positioning.
Problem number 2. Lack of competent program of promotion of the restaurant.
1. At what audience should be the positioning of the restaurant?
2. Suggest ways of attracting and retaining customers, using classic and innovative methods of promotion.

situation 2
Moscow company enters the market of the Republic of Komi. Area of activity - consulting and information services. One of the methods of promotion - your own online store. The company has other technological and intellectual capacity, a higher level than the regional companies.
Consulting services in the field of business support.
The company has two main segments:
 individuals - information services;
 legal entities - advice.
Marketing problems in the company.
1. Not knowing the exact capacity of the market of Syktyvkar.
2. Unknown exit strategy for the regional market:
o creation of a dealer network in the form of an independent company in Syktyvkar;
o Development of regional representation (all from Moscow), a separate legal entity, independent advertising budget;
o independent access from Moscow to Syktyvkar, opening their own office, all advertising, etc. support - from the central office in Moscow.
3. How to position yourself in the market?
1. Develop a marketing strategy to exit the market Syktyvkar
2. What are the marketing research necessary to carry out, and why?
3. The marketing plan offer the company´s mission, program promotion in the second half of 2009, market shares for each month.
4. Develop an outline of the plan of promotional activities:
o offer a creative tagline;
o The basic methods of promotion services;
o offer advertising carriers.
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