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You buy the game Need for Speed ​​as a gift for Origin.

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Ready to dominate the streets? Get behind the wheel of famous cars and race along Ventura Bay - the big city open to you. Participate in a string of intertwining stories, improving your reputation - and at the same time and collecting a dream car, and become the undisputed leader of the race. Play again and again, because this time you can win 5 unique ways.


Optimized for PC. Need for Speed ​​with non-fixed frame rate and 4K resolution - only on PC. Feel all the joy of virtual street racing with the support of rudders and other peripherals from different manufacturers, including. Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec.

Extended genuine modification. Gather with the help of advanced external and internal improvements a machine that reflects your style. Your car should look just as cool as running.

Playground West Coast. Discover the Ventura Bay. All this is your territory: from narrow streets to winding highways that lead to the harbor and along the canyons.

Need for Speed ​​comes back with 5 unique features. Speed, style, tuning, team and violations. Earn a reputation and work your way to victory.

A dynamic game. A free update to the Eddie test will allow you to compete with the city´s coolest street racer, and Snapshot Pro mode - to become an excellent photographer. Earn Hoonicorn Ken Block and Diablo Morokoshi-san.

Enter the story. Go out into the full of events of the world and immerse yourself in a fascinating storyline that will guide you through Ventura Bay.
05.08.2018 18:12:45
23.01.2018 15:00:28
отримав. все хорошо
29.12.2017 20:33:10
спасибо огромное что помогли с приобретением
12.09.2017 18:58:50
18.08.2017 23:59:20
Всё просто супер, быстро прислали игру, очень доволен, играю аж ужас) Хочу подарок)

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