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You buy the game Titanfall 2 as a gift for Origin.

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Summon your Titan and get ready for the thrilling battles in the new first-person shooter Titanfall ™ 2! In the sequel there is presented a new single campaign with the participation of the unique combat bunch of the pilot and Titan. Do not miss the multiplayer mode, which has become even more innovative and intense! You are waiting for 6 new Titans, new deadly abilities of pilots, additional options for tuning pilots and Titans, new maps, new modes and much more.

Unlock the Battlefield ™ 1-inspired "Red Baron" war paint coloring for Titan´s "Ion" in Titanfall ™ 2, playing both games on the same account.


Become a hero of an action story. The game Titanfall ™ 2 has a single campaign, full of adventure and unexpected twists. Play as the arrow of the Militia, who was in the enemy´s rear and met there experienced Titan class "Vanguard". A man and a machine are to perform a difficult task together, which was not originally intended for them.

Get together in hurricane battles with other players! In the sequel you are waiting for even more hot network fights, which have already become the brand feature of the series. This is a next generation shooter with new Titans, abilities and even more deadly weapons. For those who want to stand out in the midst of the chaos of the battle, there are even more options for customizing the pilot, Titan and equipment!

Join your friends on Frontier! In Titanfall ™ 2 appeared Networks - a social platform that allows you to easily and easily communicate with friends without leaving the game. Whatever game you like - cooperative or competitive - you can create a network Network for your (and your friends) taste or enter into the ready.
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