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You buy Warbit for Steam.

Activation region: Worldwide

Warbit is the name of an anti-terrorist group that can be found in all countries. Warbit Union took the oath to find and destroy all active terrorists around the world. You can join Warbit Union and fight for such an honorable mission.

build a team
In Warbit Union there are many teams. If you have friends who know how to fight, you can team up with them and create a team in Warbit Union.

At the Warbit Union trainings and on the battlefields, everyone has roles.
Attack - Medic - Support - Sniper

On the battlefield, there are many ways of defensive lines on both sides. If you find and break resistance in this way, you can easily overwhelm the enemies.
11.01.2021 23:00:26
Voxel Warfare Online
12.08.2020 19:33:25
13.06.2020 18:44:04
Спасибо, получил сразу же!
19.02.2020 23:35:34
19.02.2020 23:35:29
26.11.2019 19:12:45
при активации пишет что ключ от игры Voxel Warfare Online, которая уже есть у меня (, тем самым название вводит в заблуждение
22.12.2017 12:27:48
все ок
12.12.2017 12:13:42
12.12.2017 12:13:13
11.12.2017 5:11:30
Игра продается под название Warbit, но в стиме называется Voxel Warfare Online - . Могли бы хоть описание исправить!

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