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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$1 the discount is 1%
$25 the discount is 3%


Every second buyer (in random order) of all our products, who left a positive review - gets one of more than 40 different games for Steam. Which one? You will find out about it when you receive your GIFT on the mail.
It can be activated in "Steam".

To receive a gift you need:
1) Buy from us game
2) Leave a positive feedback with the comment "I want a gift" and indicate in it my E-mail
3) Expect.

Dispatch of the gift is done within 48 hours after writing a comment.
Attention!! Making a review - you guarantee that you read all the conditions for the Gift and if something is not clear - they asked.

Russian language
Platform: PC
Activation: Uplay
Regional restrictions: Russia, Ukraine and the CIS

Buy Starter Edition and go to the battlefields For Honor, having instant access to all network modes and story campaign, as well as to all maps.

Starter Edition includes 6 heroes (there are 12 in the game), while only 3 of them were initially unlocked. Each of the other heroes can be obtained for 8000 units. steel (the accumulation of steel will take 4 to 15 hours of play - depending on your success).

Starter Edition is fully compatible with Season Pass, all DLC and other additional content.


Do not miss hits, order from us)) - Arma III 3 - Battlefield 4 - Company of Heroes 2 - CS: Global Offensive - Dead Island Riptide - Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - Mortal Kombat. Komplete Edition - Saints Row IV - Splinter Cell Blacklist Deluxe Edition - The Bureau: XCOM Declassified - Total War: Rome II

The key is to activate when Uplay

1. Register your account at, if you do not already have
2. In its account through the button-gear activate the product, enter the key
3. The game will be added to your library of games and you can download it.

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Dear customers!
We will be very grateful to positive reviews!
Thank you, Your GameCode.

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03.05.2020 10:37:12
хороший товар спасибо
Подарок хочу!!
02.05.2020 15:02:34
30.04.2020 13:02:44
Всё отлично, быстро, спасибо!
27.04.2020 22:13:11
хочу подарок
21.04.2020 18:47:39
Ключ пришел моментально. Хочу подарок
16.04.2020 19:20:23
Хороший продавец.Товар пришёл моментально.Рекомендую.Хочу подарок.
06.04.2020 17:19:18
Всё классно, быстро и надёжно
06.04.2020 9:21:21
30.04.2019 21:04:35
не ожидал, что все будет так хорошо. ключ пришел моментально.(и нет, мне не платили, чтобы я писал отзыв. просто хотел поблагодарить продавца.)
здоровья всем. валар моргулис.
19.04.2019 10:50:14
Хочу подарок
09.08.2018 20:18:41
Все отлично работает, очень рад купить такую отличную игру за токие маленькие деньги.
08.08.2018 17:23:31
благодарю. пришло моментально и активировалось без проблем
08.08.2018 1:52:46
Все прошло хорошо, спасибо продавцу) дешевле, чем в стиме
08.07.2018 17:01:55
Спасибо! все норм! быстро, удобно. Рекомендую.
Хочу подарок
24.04.2018 15:50:27
спасибо, всё быстро и оперативно пришло! без нареканий, всем рекомендую!

хочу подарок!

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