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22. Determine the electrokinetic potential of the Fe (OH) 3 hydrosol if the rate of electrophoresis is 14.7⋅10-6 m / s; outer field gradient
is equal to 319 V / m; dielectric constant of water ε = 81; the water viscosity at T = 291 K is equal to η = 1.05⋅10-3 Pa⋅s; ε 0 = 8.85⋅10 -12 F / m.
Questions and problems from the manual:
"Laboratory Workshop on Colloid Chemistry" Nekrasov AP, Veretenchenko BA, Kharkov NTU "KhPI", 2004
"Characteristic properties of disperse systems" Nekrasov AP, Kharkov, 1996
Tasks are executed in Microsoft Word, graphics - in Microsoft Exel or OriginPro; formulas are typed in the MathType editor (if the formulas contain unreadable characters, then you need to install this editor); files are archived by WinRAR.
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