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Used to create and wap1 wap2 sites.

The program determines the most important parameters phones, smart phones, handheld devices. For example:

- The manufacturer, model,

- Version of wap (1,2),

- Support JPEG, GIF, PNG et al.

- Supports various audio formats,

- Support for Java (Version, Options), Flash, video, online video, MP4, 3GP, codecs, etc.,

- The parameters of SMS, MMS,

- Screen size, the maximum size of images, the size of the wallpaper, colors,

- Pazlichnye specific features of the phone,

and many more (over 200 parameters on the model).

And so, some parameters of most web browsers.

Now the database of more than 10,000 models updated for free. The script exports attached.

Uses HTTP-based headers User-Agent and Accept, placed on any PHP-site, the average time determining - 0.0005-0.001 (FreeBSD, Cel1000). For storage, the file system. The script can export generit xls (Excel) file with the selected settings.
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