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Currently, in terms of HPLC ranked first among

instrumental methods, surpassing even the gas chromatography. Necessary

HPLC advantage compared with gas chromatography - possibility

the study of almost any object without any restrictions on their physical

chemical properties, such as boiling point or molecular weight.

Today, HPLC is a well-designed tool method

which is widely used in various fields of science and technology. Especially

its great significance in critical areas such as biochemistry, molecular biology,

pollution control, as well as in the chemical, petrochemical,

food and pharmaceutical industries.

This book is written primarily for beginners hromatografistov.

The authors sought to explain in a simple and accessible form the basis most

HPLC common options with the latest achievements of the method. Special

attention is paid to practical issues related to the specifics of art

modern chromatographic experiment and its methodological aspects.

Considered in detail the preparation of high-performance features of the speakers, their

regeneration and repair, as well as the assembly of chromatographic systems. Special

section of the book is dedicated to commissioning, maintenance and repair of equipment.

The annexes are characteristics of modern adsorbents, solvents and

the most widely used devices for HPLC, as well as some other

useful information.
88 pages. The PDF format
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