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This practical guide is the first time translated into Russian "The Complete Guide to security officials and representatives of the business community," the president of the Institute composed of terrorism and conflict vnutrinatsionalinyh (USA) Neil C. Livingstone, with the participation of the former employees of the American elite unit of "Delta".

In eleven chapters, manuals, written in clear concise language, provides practical advice for anyone who wants to protect your life, your family life or well-being of the enterprise.


Preface to the Russian edition


1. Personal Safety

Some general precautions

Determining whether an observation


Avoiding prosecution

Self-defense without weapons

Using improvised weapons

2. Trips abroad

Prepare for travel

Travel by plane

Register at the airport

Your actions in the capture plane

Trips to third world countries

Accommodation in hotels

3. Nightlife

Places of entertainment for adults


Alcohol and drugs

Games of chance

Other tips

4. Ensuring the safety when traveling by car


Other devices

Having an armored vehicle or may not have

General Precautions


5. Ensuring the security of residence

Selecting a house

Selection of doors and windows

Security at home

Precautions attendants

Measures to ensure the safety of children

Staff training

Selection of apartments

6. Security measures business

Getting corporate information


Security Service

Security area


Alarm systems and locks


Internal security

7. Security officers and officials

Selection of bodyguards

Working with bodyguards

Selecting the appropriate equipment

Travel with bodyguards


Attendance at receptions and other social events

Lunch with bodyguards

End of the visit

8. explosive devices and explosives

External Security

Security Access

Letters with explosives

Building security

Explosive devices and bomb threat


The search for explosive devices

Search explosives before the events

The explosive device aboard a corporate aircraft

Explosive devices installed on vehicles

A final warning

9. Abduction

Target selection

The moment of the kidnapping


Content hostage


10. Emergency Management

The group of emergency management

Cases of kidnapping

11. firearms, body armor and electronic warfare

Small arms

Bulletproof vest

Electronic warfare


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