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Go to the site of the game:
Click "Log In" in the upper right corner.
Open Page. Then, in the middle, at the bottom of it, click the "Register for a Square Enix Account". Page opens select the region. Select your region.
Opens a new page - check the selected region and click "Ok".
On the next page - enter your date of birth, click "Submit".
On the next page - read the agreement, click "Next".
The next - enter your e-mail, verification code, click "Temporary Registration".
Next - get the mail, click the link in the confirmation given in the mail (located under the inscription "To complete your Square Enix account registration, please click the following URL:")
On the next page, fill in all fields (id, password, security question). Hit "Confirm entered data".
On the next page, check the information, click "Send displayed data". (For mail a letter informing the completion of registration and containing your ID.)
Hit Next. Fill in the information on the page that opens (The following data is required to use fee-based services.) - The floor, the name of the name, address, zip code - click "Confirm entered data".
On the next page, check the information, click "Send displayed data".
Everything is now ready to account, click "Proceed to top Page".
How to activate the code:

On this page ( login using id and password.
Further, the "Servicies and Options", select "Select Service". On the next page, click on the FINAL FANTASY XIV.
On the next page, if you do not have Service Account, click "Add New Service Account".
Enter key, click "Next".
Next, put a tick under the agreement, also click "Next".
Appears - "FFXIV: A Realm Reborn - Windows (R) 30 days will be added to your subscription."
Again click "Next".
On the next page should be written as follows: "A new service account has been successfully added. Details of your service account can be confirmed on the Account Services page."
Swing game you need from here:
22.12.2021 22:31:10
Огромное спасибо. Ключ очень быстро пришёл, а главное всё работает.
26.04.2020 18:36:32
Всё работает, вопросов нет!

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