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You are on the page for purchasing the licensed version of the game Red Ded Redemption 2 (RDR 2) for PC. The key will be sent to you immediately after you pay for the game.

Region: Russia and CIS countries
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- Red Dead Redemption 2
- Red Dead Redemption 2 Online


America, 1899. The era of the Wild West is coming to an end. The servants of the law methodically hunt the remnants of the gangs. Those who do not want to surrender are killed. After the failed bank robbery, Arthur Morgan and other henchmen of Dutch van der Linde are forced to go on the run.

Their gang will take part in thefts, robberies and shootings in the heart of America, on an inhospitable land, where every day is a struggle for survival. Federal agents and the best bounty hunters in the country are on their heels, and the gang itself is torn apart by internal divisions. Arthur will have to choose what is more important to him: his own ideals or loyalty to the people who raised him.

Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR 2) for PC also includes free access to the shared living world of Red Dead Online with all previously released improvements and the latest content updates for a complete online experience including Frontier Pursuits and special roles of bounty hunters, traders and collectors for players. progress and earn unique rewards.
21.08.2022 2:34:15
Лучший, после оплаты пришла игра спасибо огромное
28.05.2022 23:01:06
rdr 2 получил моментально , продавцу спасибо
10.09.2020 13:05:17
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17.04.2020 16:09:11
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07.03.2020 17:32:52
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24.02.2020 22:25:03
07.02.2020 5:27:01
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22.01.2020 21:38:17
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18.01.2020 16:49:56
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31.12.2019 11:34:25
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19.12.2019 13:40:17
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18.12.2019 21:57:29
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17.12.2019 14:15:52
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16.12.2019 20:37:52
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13.12.2019 12:40:26
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11.12.2019 11:26:26
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10.12.2019 14:03:43
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09.12.2019 21:32:25
все ок!!
06.12.2019 7:10:49
мгновенно , спасибо большое все круто, хочу подарок =)
06.12.2019 0:48:37
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06.12.2019 0:48:24
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05.12.2019 13:16:12
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29.11.2019 19:05:23
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21.11.2019 15:12:04
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20.11.2019 13:56:56
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19.11.2019 20:16:35
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16.11.2019 16:48:17
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15.11.2019 12:55:02
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15.11.2019 10:23:17
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14.11.2019 19:12:07
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