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💡 INSTANT Delivery After Payment!
💬 Questions & Help in the seller’s online chat!

🎁 About the Account:
✅ The account is guaranteed to have PRIME+PREMIER in CS 2
✅ You will receive data from your Steam account, including email that is linked to your Steam account. You will naturally untie and tie yours!
✅ All accounts have access to competitive mode, as well as access to PREMIER mode.
✅ There are often other games, watches, inventory, rank on the account - this is an additional bonus from us.
✅ VAC and other blocking are absent.
✅ All Region Free accounts

Attention!!! Availability of inventory, Steam levels, access to the trading platform, the ability to add to friends and groups, wallet balance, the presence of other paid games is not guaranteed and is not a prerequisite, if you come across something on your account, this is your bonus!!!
💡 After payment you receive a text file:
✅ login, password for your Steam account.
✅ login, password from Mail.
✅ I don’t do returns, please read the Description!

⚠️ After transferring the data from the account to you, you are responsible for it, that is (vac, patrol, ct, etc.)
⚠️ The site seller does not store data after the sale of goods, please store your goods securely and do not allow third parties to receive data! The client must ensure the safety and security of the data; we recommend changing all data after purchase.
08.09.2021 20:21:38
Спасибо все хорошо быстро и просто всё топчик
05.02.2021 18:23:52
very good
09.01.2021 16:25:56
12 level :( +rep
19.03.2020 12:10:36
Лог:Пароль правильные , но я уверен что почти все аккаунты у вас будут 2 лвл

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