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Answers to the test Synergy - the result is 100 points! Corporate Information Systems

On the integrated management of the entire system as a whole, as a single object oriented to a specific goal, is based ... the organizational structure of management
target program
linear functional

The major categories of common services are ...
providing services
process related services
informing services
integration services

In the Russian economy, the term BPM (Business Performance Management) can be used in such meanings as ...
strategy and information architecture
leadership and system planning
management and information system
management concept and information system

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI - Enterprise Application Integration) implies ...
internal data transfer
using internal application data
sharing executable code

Quickly combine disparate information systems of an enterprise, linking them at the level of information flows, combining work processes (business processes), allows ...
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) application software
information resource integration (ECM)
Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

The objective of the Computer-Aided Process Planning (CAPP) automated production system is to ...
the fact that according to a given product model, made in a computer-aided design system (CAD system), it is necessary to draw up a plan for its production - a manufacturing process management business route strictly within the framework of scheduled preventive maintenance and repairs
optimal formation of the flow of materials (raw materials), semi-finished products (components) and finished products

... call the boundaries between interacting network entities predefined by corporate, national and international standards
Physical ports
Logical ports
Network interfaces

It is not true that the typical generalized functions of executive production systems (MES systems), as defined by the MESA International Association, include ...
inventory management (spare parts for maintenance)
production dispatch
personnel Management
product quality management

To connect I / O drivers to the workshop automation system (SCADA), use ...
exchange by internal protocol (known only to the developer)
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
standard dynamic data exchange (Dynamic Data Exchange - DDE)
Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

A communication network is transparent with respect to information passing through it if ...
Due to the changing size of the queues of data blocks, the transit time of various blocks through the switching nodes
the stream of bits entered into the network changes in the output stream
the output bitstream exactly repeats the sequence of bits entered into this network

If information and control (synchronizing) signals are transmitted together in the network along the same routes, then they say that the network is transparent with respect to ...
to servers
types of programs
types of signals
to customers

The concept of e-government was approved by the Government of the Russian Federation in ...
2009 year
2007 year
2005 year
2006 year

It is not true that the components of a typical architecture of mediated requests to CORBA objects (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) include ...
client node without a web browser
server node
dynamic call client node
client node with static call
It is not true that the Computer-aided Acquisition and Logistics Support (CALS) method of computer support provides ...
interface standardization
interface integration
single data entry
electronic exchange of information between all organizations and their departments - project participants

The document capture system (Capture) includes the functions of ... input information
formalization, transformation and integration
create, modify, restore and process
create, modify, and format
creation, capture and processing

 ... is a general model of an organizational system, a business enterprise (business), which determines the policy of investors, management strategies, products, structures, processes, technologies and information support for its activities
Enterprise strategy
Company structure
Enterprise architecture
Management architecture

The levels of management methodology should include ...
forecasting and theoretical methods
specific practices
conceptual framework
strategic framework

Computer-aided Acquisition and Logistics Support (CALS) support methods can be used in conjunction with ...
Production Planning Method / Enterprise Resource Planning II (MRP II / Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP); Manufacturing Execution System (MES); Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS); Computer Integrated Manufacturing ( Computer Integrated Manufacturing - CIM)

The link between financially-oriented operations-oriented enterprise resource planning systems (ERP-systems) and the operational production activities of the enterprise at the workshop, site or production line is considered ...
Advanced Planning & Scheduling - APS
Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) concept
Executive Manufacturing System (MES)
Manufacturing Resource Planning - MRP II

It’s not true that network interfaces are ...
ISDN network interface
packet switching network interface
graphical user interface
network application interface

The main approaches to changes in the architecture of enterprises include ...
personnel Management
deactivation of business processes
reorganization (reengineering) of business processes
knowledge management

In management systems for production sites, departments, workshops, the type of organizational management structures (OSU) is used
target program

The terms “postfordism” and “the stage of flexible specialization” characterize ... the period of development of a classic industrial corporation

In the late Middle Ages, the corporation was an association ...

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) techniques were created to ...

The concept of CSRP (Customer Synchronized Relationship Planning) is a business methodology based on ...

The object model of a typical architecture of mediated requests to CORBA objects (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) defines the order of interaction between ...

The components that are implemented in modern enterprise resource management systems (Enterprise Content Management - ECM-systems) should include management ...

A number of active network devices (switches and routers) operate under their own operating systems, called operating systems ... interactions

It is not true that the application of information technology to solve business problems occurs through a process ...
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