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Mouse - Logitech G series; Mouse models (the list may not be complete!) - MX518, G102, G305, G403, G402, G Pro, G502, G603, G604 G703, G903, G900.
There is support for G Pro Wireless.

Script with recoil force adjustment + - (on off - on the mouse wheel, side buttons can be used to adjust how much the macro will extinguish recoil)

Protection against accidental clicks (if you do not hold down the RMB, then the macro will not work)

FPS value - not less than 60

After payment, you will instantly receive a link to download the archive with macros and configuration information (the archive can be opened with the WinRaR archiver program or any other analogue). If you accidentally closed the page with this link, you can return it by clicking on the link in the letter that came to your Email address after payment. You can also go to your personal account at and your purchase will be displayed there.
These macros are suitable for Logitech G

I also remind you that there will definitely not be a ban from the anti-cheat for this kind of macros, since these macros for removing recoil do not affect the game files, but only interact with your mouse.

Additional information on the game on the page - <a href="/makrosy-dlya-warzone">КликBONUS! For the positive feedback you leave, you get a promotional code for a 10% discount when buying any product from our store.

We wish you a pleasant game with macros from TopMacro
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