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A terrible storm hit the small city Manil, which was built in the middle of a huge desert. The natural disaster caused tremendous damage to the entire population of the city, heralding the beginning of the most difficult period in the history of the city. The hardworking citizens of Manil had to face the extremely destructive consequences of the storm, for the elimination of which they spent all their strength for many days. In the book, heroes with polar opposite characters, outlooks on life and on the problem that happened in their city converge in a dispute. They will have to unite in order to return to their home its former appearance. But the essence of the book “Pride” is not in this, even though it describes all of the above actions. "Pride" will tell the story of how destructive the very first of the seven deadly sins. As a person, the root cause of all evil is consistently and methodically destroyed. How pride destroys reason and respect of people around.
Some quotes from the book:

1. He forgot about the problems, mental torment and vanity - three things that corrode the essence of man from within.

2. Nights, as a rule, are short, but even they sometimes last insanely long for those who try, but for some reason cannot fall asleep. Those very unpleasant minutes and hours when you are in a state of anxiety, depression or expectation of something. At such moments, the bed becomes wildly uncomfortable, the pillow is stone, and the night hateful.

3. Nothing instills in a person a panic more than the panic of other people.
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