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Theory of Information Processes and Systems Answers on Synergy Tests. Result

In the case of a negative assessment of the quality of the examination, it is first necessary ...
replace the composition of the expert group
make changes to the questionnaire and repeat the assessment cycle
repeat the evaluation cycle to eliminate errors
adjust group opinion

A system in which the interaction with the external environment is negligible is called ...
minimally vulnerable
as limited as possible

It is not true that the operations “more” (>) and “less” (<) are applicable to indicators measured on a scale ...
the relationship

Systems in which decision-making and execution procedures are carried out completely automatically in accordance with a set of strict rules are called ...
office information systems
decision support systems
control systems
knowledge management systems
transaction processing systems

Expert methods belong to the group of ... methods

The choice of a model for solving problems relating to information systems and processes is determined, first of all, ...
experience and knowledge of system analyst
availability of support tools
life cycle stage of an information system

Extended Petri Nets ...
remove restrictions on the number of transitions
allow setting parameters
simplify model development

The process of changing the state of a system over time is called ...
dynamic scenario
growth curve
system behavior

Calendar time is measured on a scale ...
the relationship

The principle of aggregation provides ...
connection of various components into a single system
building a unified system model
block enlargement by replacing several system blocks with one

Updating the state of the information system is provided ...
by implementing planned activities
routine procedures
based on feedback mechanism

The logic of the process can be displayed in the model ...

If the influence of external disturbances on the operation of the system is negligible, then ... control


The architecture of systems that store data as separate operating system files on a dedicated computer is called ...

file server
three layer
client server

The concept of “linked rank” is used to evaluate factors ...
previously graded
having the same value

Boundary arrows in the IDEFO model in the general case ...
must be present on the child diagram
cannot be exit arrows
cannot be arrows of the mechanism
formed from the connecting arrows of the parent diagram

The highest degree of integration in the environment of the organization is ...
office information systems
transaction processing systems
decision support systems
control systems
knowledge management systems

Rationing indicators allows ...
display all values ​​in one diagram
Convolve the private criteria into one
reduce data storage

For poorly structured problems that must be solved with the help of an information system, their mathematical model ...
can only be built for some set of tasks
can be built for the entire set of tasks
cannot be built

The presence of a set reference point is characteristic of the scale ...

the relationship

The OSI Open Systems Interconnection Model is an example ...


The property of robustness is understood ...
the ability of the system to maintain its full or partial performance in case of failure of its individual elements or subsystems
the presence in the system of numerous and heterogeneous relationships between elements
the presence of a system of some quality, which none of its components have
A system is considered excellent if ...
there is one or more particular quality indicators for which optimum is achieved
each member of the expert group considers it to be the best
the optimum is achieved in all private indicators

In the interval scale you can’t ...
check values ​​for equality
evaluate value ranges
compare values ​​by value ("more - less")

Wald´s method refers to ... criteria

The task of determining the goals of the created information system can be solved by means of the method ...

Weakly structured systems are characterized by ...
the presence of some part, the solution of which can be automated
lack of a mathematical model of its solution
exact specification of source data and solution algorithm

It is not true that expanding connections in IDEF3 can display a logical function ...
exclusive OR

Cooperation diagrams are used to ...
finding the economic efficiency of an information system project
streamline administration
UML business process modeling
building the optimal structure of information system components

Systems that ensure the fixation of any changes in the main processes, the transfer and storage of information about the changes are called ...
control systems
office information systems
transaction processing systems
decision support systems
knowledge management systems

The PERT method is based on the application of ...
branch and bound method
computer model
critical path method
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