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✅ MyBook is a modern library on the Internet that gives you access to a catalog of best-selling books and classical literature, including novelties of various genres: from fiction to non-fiction books and business literature. Over 236,000 titles from more than twenty different genres.

✅ The usual idea of ​​the library is that instead of buying individual books, you get access to the entire catalog. We do not sell books and do not force them to download, but let us read without restrictions and on different devices. Enough to subscribe.

In the usual sense, e-books have so far been similar to paper ones: these are separate files that need to be downloaded and stored somewhere, then thrown into a reader, and if you have several readers, you will have to maintain a separate copy on each your library. If you do not just read books, but also save quotes and bookmarks, then all this often has to be synchronized manually.

✅ It is for those who read a lot and with pleasure, we decided to make MyBook - a club library, by joining which you can read not only the books that you already have, but also publications from our extensive catalog.
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We enter one of the promotional codes:

2. After linking the card, go to the page with your subscriptions and cancel the renewal of the subscription

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