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🎁 About the Account:
✅ Data for entering your personal account in the format: login:password
✅ You get access to OpenAI + ChatGPT as well as DALL-E
✅ Best Choice for multifunctional tasks!

💡 ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot capable of communicating on a huge number of topics. The tool understands and generates texts in most common languages ​​of the world, including Russian. The benefits of ChatGPT include flexibility, scalability, availability and ease of use. Writing content and articles according to the rules of SEO, the field of digital marketing and will help you develop a comprehensive marketing plan, the field of content production on YouTube or Facebook, the field of programming and coding and checking for website security vulnerabilities and many other fields available!

❗️ To log in from Russia or CIS countries, you will need a VPN.

🚀 Links to enter your personal account:
🔗 Chat GPT - - a chatbot that can answer your questions, generate texts and much more.
🔗 OpenAI - - allows you to train and develop artificial intelligence models.
🔗 DALL-E - - a system for generating images based on text descriptions.
💬 Frequently asked questions and answers:
❓ Which browser is best to use?
✔️ It is best to use Google Chrome.
❓ Error: "Access denied".
✔️ Connect a VPN, change location or try using a different browser.
❓ Error: "Sorry, you have ben blocked"
✔️ Connect a VPN, change location or try using a different browser.
❓ Error: "OpenAI´s services are not available in your country."
✔️ Connect a VPN, change location or try using a different browser.
❓ Is it necessary to use a VPN?
✔️ Yes, it is necessary, since access is prohibited to CIS countries.
❓ Which is the best VPN location to choose?
✔️ Europe or USA.
❓ Error: "Too many requests in 1 hour. Try again later."
✔️ Wait 1 hour and try again.

✔️ You Can Resell Accounts for More Expensive Prices!
✔️ Over time, the price will increase!
✔️ I don’t do returns if you bought it by mistake, Please read the Description!

⚠️ After transferring data from your account to you, you are responsible for it, that is (for blocking or restrictions by services, etc.)
⚠️ The site seller does not store data after the sale of goods, please store your goods securely and do not allow third parties to receive data! The client must ensure the safety and security of the data. Product warranty - 30 days, email access is not provided. Changing your login information will void the warranty.
05.09.2022 12:44:57
Данные от аккаунта пришли сразу после оплаты! Все круто! Спасибо!

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