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💡 INSTANT Delivery After Payment!
💬 Questions & Help in online seller chat!

🎁 About Account:
✅ Account has GTA V
✅ Account created specifically for selling
✅ Best Choice For Basic Account!
✅ You will receive data from your Steam account, including mail.
✅ The lowest price on the market.
✅ VAC and other blocking are absent.
✅ All accounts Region Free

👉🏻 All Accounts are Private and Never Recovered!
👉🏻 You are the First Owner!
👉🏻 Phone/Keys not registered!
💡 After payment you will receive a text file:
✅ login, password from the Steam account.
✅ login, password from the Mail.
✅ I do not make returns if you bought by mistake, Please read the Description!

⚠️ After transferring data from the account to you, you are responsible for it, that is (vac, patrol, etc.)
⚠️ The seller of the site does not store data after the sale of goods, please store your goods securely, and do not allow third parties to receive data! The client must ensure the safety and security of data, we recommend changing all data after purchase.
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