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1998 HALF-LIFE is shocking the game industry with a combination of intense action and a continuous, addictive plot. Valve´s debut game won over 50 awards "Game of the Year" on the way to getting the title "Best PC Game of All Time" by PC Gamer; she launched a franchise that sold over eight million boxed worldwide.

NOW. Preserving the atmosphere of anxiety, challenge and internal tension and adding new realism and interactivity, Half-Life 2 opens the door to a world in which the presence of a player affects everything that surrounds it - from the physical environment to the behavior and even emotions of both friends and enemies .

The player again raises the mount of the research scientist Gordon Freeman, who finds himself on the Earth infested with aliens, whose resources are rapidly becoming empty, and the population is degenerating. Freeman imposed the inevitable role of the savior of mankind from the evil that he released to freedom in the Black Mesa. And very many people dear to him hope for him.

Intense real-time gameplay of Half-Life 2 is made possible solely by Source®, Valve´s new high-end game engine. Source is characterized by significant progress in the following areas:

Characters: Advanced facial animation system allows you to create game characters with an unprecedented degree of development of appearance. Using 40 individual “muscles” of the face, human characters convey the whole variety of human emotions, demonstrating adequate and grounded reactions to the behavior of the hero.
Physics: All objects, starting with pebbles and running on two-ton trucks, behave naturally, fully obeying the laws of physics, taking into account mass, friction, gravity and buoyancy.
Graphics: Source uses an image generation system with shader support, similar to the one that Pixar created with Toy Story® and Monster´s, Inc.® cartoons. It allows you to draw unprecedented in computer games, amazingly beautiful and realistic game environments.
AI: Neither friends nor enemies rush into a fight, headlong. They are able to assess the threats, choose the best path on rough terrain and collect weapons from what is at hand.
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