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You buy the official game key for Dead Rising 4 from Capcom

Release date - Mar 14. 2017
Game language - English
Activation Service: Steam
Activation countries - for use on the territory of Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries
Edition - Standard version, does not contain additional content

You play again as the daring free-spirited photojournalist Frank West. After the tragedy in California (about which the 3rd issue of the game told) Frank will have to return to Willamette, the city from which his adventures began. By unfortunate coincidence, he lands in the same shopping center where he was once surrounded by hordes of hungry living dead. Here, now or never, he will have to defend his honest name and appropriate the authorship of the incredible story that he experienced to himself.

• Become a superhuman using specially designed exoskeletons! With such a little thing, Frank acquires unprecedented power and special abilities.
• Combine everything you see. Using blueprints scattered throughout the city, you can create incredible weapons, opening up new ways to kill zombies.
• Use transport. It is easier and faster to get rid of monsters on cars.
• Open world. Now you can move around the city however you want! Dozens of new locations and updated old ones will allow you to better get to know the people of Colorado.
• No timers. For the first time, the creators of the game abandon the idea of ​​limiting the time for passing levels. Calmly switch between the classic story mode of the game and the sandbox, complete side quests and enjoy the gameplay.
• Cooperative mode. Call your friends for help and a team of up to 4 people go in search of crazy adventures!

15.05.2024 8:17:38
Благодарю,всё быстро пришло
26.12.2023 18:02:25
Все четко!
23.12.2023 0:06:10
30.11.2023 23:14:32
всё хорошо
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05.01.2023 13:59:48
Супер продавец! +++++++++++
28.12.2022 14:46:04
Все отлично, ключик активировался. Покупаю у Soft-Klub!
30.10.2022 21:43:48
ключ пришел сразу,активировал. Покупаю у Soft-Klub
29.10.2022 7:40:06
14.10.2022 19:09:12
Покупаю у Soft-Klub
14.10.2022 13:36:05
Ключ пришёл сразу, спасибо!
29.08.2022 11:32:48
Все супер!Покупаю у Soft-Klub.
10.08.2022 9:09:32
29.07.2022 17:49:31
ключ пришел сразу, все работает
22.04.2020 16:50:38
Ключи пришел, рабочий! Продавец одобрен Роспотребназдором!
19.04.2020 11:19:15
ключ пришел моментально

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