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DARK SOULS™ III - Xbox Digital Code
Platform: Xbox One, XBOX Series X|S
Country - Argentina
Product Key: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx

The best role-playing game of 2015 according to GamesCom.
DARK SOULS ™ III will test your strength in the new chapter of the saga that defined the face of the genre.
The fire goes out, the world goes to ruins, and you will face battles with even more colossal enemies. Traditional gloomy and atmosphere, intense battles and even more dynamic gameplay.
Only the coals smolder in the darkness ... Gather your spirit and plunge into darkness!
30.11.2022 22:28:02
Все отлично. Продавец помог разобраться с активацией. Обратная связь на "отлично"

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