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Updated working private cheat for the game PUBG Steam - Aquila. It is regularly updated and refined by the developer. The cheat is popular, many users play with it and thanks to it they occupy the first places in PUBG.
I want to immediately note the features of the program that you will have to keep in mind. The program is usually updated for more than 5 hours. They test it and make sure that they have updated it correctly. Also, the software is of the "External" type - this means that it is superimposed on top of the game. Because of this, the visual functions may lag a little, this is directly related to the power of your processor and is corrected by prioritizing the cheat and the game in the processor tasks.
Pay attention to the "Recoil Control" function - it ONLY works with an Aim Bot. In general, the program is worth the money, use online payment right now and do not deny yourself anything in your favorite PUBG game!

Game Client: Steam
Works on Windows (x64 only): 8, 8.1, 10 (1607 - 21h2), 11;
Processor: Intel and AMD.
Supports two languages: Ru / Eu


Enable / Enable
Does not point behind the wall / Do not point behind the wall
Bone Display / Show Bone
Radius / Aim Fov
Smoothness / Smooth
Activation Button / Aim Key
Anticipation / Prediction
Bone / Bone
Near Bone / Nearest
Recoil Control / Recoil Control

Players in the screen / Number of visible
Players off-screen / Number of invisible
Kolvo viewers / Number of spectater
Show Bots / Show AI
Distance / Distance
Team / Team
Skeleton / Skeleton
Head / Head
Outline / Box
Lines / Line
Radar / Radar
Radar scale / Radar scale
My Player Size / My player Size
Enemy Size

Inventory of the dead / Dead Inventory
Weapon / Weapon
Modules / Modules
Equipment / Outfit
Medicines / Medicine
Cartridges / Ammo
Transport / Transport
Stores / Magazine
Suspensions / Supenisions
Silencers and compensators / Silencers adn expansion joints
Helmet / Helmet
Bandage / Bandage
Sights / Sights
Armor / Armor
Adrenaline / Adrenaline
Small first aid kit / Small first aid kit
Large first aid kit / Large first aid kit
Pain reliever / Pain reliever
Energetik / Energy drink

Sight / CrossHair

Enable AntiScreen / Enable antiscreen
Vertical sync / Vertical sync
Overlay Outline / Overlay Border
Resource consumption / Overlay info
Attention! This software requires disabling security services!
You can find even more private cheats in our profile:

23.09.2023 16:45:01
работает, но aim у меня не работал
20.04.2023 20:38:49
очень плохой продукт! кроме WH все остальное не работает! не советую покупать
12.02.2023 11:48:48
берите смело будет время возьму на 30 дней а так не блокируют если сами палиться не будите
11.04.2022 20:31:41
Dont download cheats if you play games who has easy anticheats. You got banned
04.11.2021 19:59:58
false advertising and scamming
The cheat doesnt even work.
I tried contacting him he wanned to charge me again for help.

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