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It is good to live calmly, joyfully and nonchalantly when you are constantly protected from any cataclysms, troubles and tribulations by the omnipotent Magic crystals of light. But once the Earth swallowed them, and the world balance was immediately disturbed, it seems that everything is over, that life will never return to its former course. However, according to ancient prophecy, there will be four brave heroes, chosen and blessed with light, who are able to restore the shaken foundations of the world, returning to it harmony, former prosperity and tranquility.

The game Final Fantasy III (2014) is a remake of the famous old toy, released in the distant now 1990. The storyline of the game is quite simple: our main character, a simple good guy from a remote village, is engaged in treasure hunting in a mysterious, mysterious cave located near the village. Suddenly it turns out that he is the chosen light, one of the four blessed Knights of crystals. The guy, without hesitation, sets off on a journey to find his companions, marked by light, to save the Earth´s population from impending ominous, all-consuming darkness.

The game Final Fantasy III is especially noteworthy in that now it has become completely three-dimensional, unusual hand-drawn peanuts have acquired a voluminous, more attractive and colorful look. New, unusual types of weapons have been added to the gameplay, various secrets and objects have appeared, as well as the ability to change the heroes´ professions, their skills and capabilities right in the course of action. Rather, join the brave saviors of the world, the Knights of the crystals of light - fighters with an ominous darkness! Only you can help save earthlings from the onset of universal darkness and restore peace, joy and bright colors of the world to them!
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5. The installation process (download) takes about 15-45 minutes (depending on your Internet channel).
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