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Version: 2022
Region: Not available in Russia
Device: Windows, macOS, iOS and Android
Protection for today´s security needs so you can enjoy your online life. Includes premium antivirus, secure browsing, identity theft protection, and a secure VPN.

Please follow these steps:

1- Activate your McAfee from mail account; pass-
2- The code is generated on your product key binding device.
3- To activate, you need to download McAfee from your personal account, selecting the subscription period.

-Protects against viruses, malware, ransomware and other online threats
-Protects your identity, banking and online transactions
-Detects risky websites and avoids dangerous downloads
-Blocks annoying / dangerous emails with anti-spam
-Prevents the spread of malware on your device
-Eliminate password problems with True Key app
-Protects your privacy with encryption software.
The code is intended for activation: MCAFEE TOTAL PROTECTION, You get the code in your personal account when downloading.
The code cannot be linked to your account!
29.07.2022 23:35:10
спасибо продавцу, помог с установкой.
всё работает.
19.04.2022 6:40:03
все хорошо
11.04.2022 23:27:11
Отлично ))))
21.02.2022 18:33:11
It works thanks
24.10.2021 2:18:24
Великолепно. Всё работает.
21.05.2021 10:44:33
It works!