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===================================================== ===================================================== ==============
💎After payment you will receive a license key to activate Dying Light 2 Stay Human💎
💯You will be able to download games in any region and at any time, with all available languages👍
🤑 MORE THAN 30 PAYMENT METHODS - LAVA, BINANCEPAY, WebMoney, Qiwi, ALL Cards and others🤑
🔑You will receive the key in your personal account📦
📧Also, a link to the page with the key will be sent to your email address specified upon purchase.📧
💪 Activation takes place ON YOUR ACCOUNT - with the ARGENTINA REGION 🌏
🌏To activate the key, a VPN with a connection to ARGENTINA is required 🌏
⭐️After activating the game, WITHOUT REGIONAL RESTRICTIONS⭐️
👌Games are forever associated with your Microsoft account👌
😶REFUNDS ARE NOT PROVIDED for the following reasons: I didn’t see, I didn’t know, I didn’t understand.😶
🧐If you have any questions, please contact the chat BEFORE PURCHASING🧐
📌Platforms - Xbox Series X|S / Xbox One📌
===================================================== ===================================================== =================
Dying Light 2 Stay Human is a large-scale and varied action RPG, action
which takes place in the post-apocalyptic city of Villedor. You play as Aiden
Caldwell, a survivor who must find his way in this dangerous world.
The city of Villedor is divided into seven unique districts, each with its own
style and atmosphere. You can explore abandoned skyscrapers, dark
dungeons, snowy forests and much more.
The gameplay in Dying Light 2 Stay Human is exciting and dynamic. You need
will use all his skills to survive in this dangerous world. You can
use parkour to quickly move around the city, hand-to-hand combat to
fight zombies, and weapons to destroy enemies from a distance.
Your decisions in the game affect the world. You can choose which faction you will be
help, and what kind of relationships you will build with other characters. Yours
decisions can lead to changes in the city that you will see throughout the game.
Dying Light 2 Stay Human supports online co-op for up to four players. You
you can explore the city together, complete tasks and fight zombies.
===================================================== ===================================================== =================
🔨Instructions for activating a gift code in Microsoft using a VPN⚙️:

❗❗❗For mobile devices📱:
1️⃣ Download and install the application (Seed4me / VPN Lat / Pure VPN / NordVPN / TunnelBear /
Windscribe / TigerVPN / UrbanVPN / Hola VPN / Thunder VPN / Any other)
Turn on VPN and select a region.
2️⃣ In the address bar of your browser, enter or select a browser
and download from the desired region.
3️⃣ Enter your Microsoft credentials (mail and account login) and log in.
4️⃣ On the activation page, enter your gift key in the field provided for this.
Click "Activate" or similar button.
5️⃣ Follow the on-screen instructions to complete activation.
6️⃣ After successfully activating the code, go to the Microsoft store and download the game.

❗❗❗For PC🖥️:
1️⃣ Install applications (Seed4me / VPN Lat / Pure VPN / NordVPN / TunnelBear / Windscribe /
TigerVPN / UrbanVPN / Hola VPN / Thunder VPN / Any other)
2️⃣ In your browser, follow the link
3️⃣ Enter your Microsoft credentials and sign in.
4️⃣ Turn on VPN and select a region.
5️⃣ Enter your gift key in the appropriate field on the activation page.
6️⃣ Follow the on-screen instructions to complete activation.
7️⃣ After successfully activating the code, go to the Microsoft store and download the game.
===================================================== ===================================================== =================
📌If your account is Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, you need to change the account region
entries to the key region for the duration of activation.
Link to shift📌
===================================================== ===================================================== =================
😉If you are unable or unwilling to activate the key on your account, we are ready to take on this task! Use the offered service for the convenience of activating the key for you.(
21.12.2023 4:10:31
20.12.2023 20:22:54
20.12.2023 17:12:37
02.11.2023 22:01:47
02.11.2023 21:52:48
01.11.2023 15:08:27
14.10.2023 13:22:23
17.08.2023 15:33:05
Всё ок)
12.07.2023 23:48:24
11.07.2023 14:29:37
10.07.2023 13:37:49
Моментально пришел ключ. Активировал и радуюсь. Спасибо за не высокую цену и множество удобных способов оплат для РБ.
23.06.2023 15:15:10
Все отлично, беру у этого продавца не первый раз, всегда все на высшем уровне.
18.05.2023 19:00:16
18.04.2023 12:48:31
Все работает!
13.04.2023 9:23:26
07.04.2023 21:05:00
Все получилось
28.03.2023 1:22:06
Продовец отличный !! Советую 👍🔥
18.03.2023 14:50:55
Всё отлично
22.02.2023 17:40:28
Очень быстро. Обратная связь весьма подробная. Рекомендую.
19.02.2023 0:03:53
14.02.2023 17:55:42
Все отлично!!! 👍✌️
13.02.2023 14:11:57
Всё работает, спасибо продавцу)
01.02.2023 16:37:33
Код успешно активирован
28.01.2023 14:09:31
Все отлично 😉
22.01.2023 15:30:02
13.01.2023 13:39:27
Все пришло и активировалось!
30.12.2022 13:07:52
Спасибо! Пришлось немного помучиться со сменой региона и перепробовать пару впн, но оно того стоило!
28.12.2022 18:10:31
26.12.2022 22:45:10
26.12.2022 10:02:10
Проверенный продавец!все как по маслу.urban vpn.С наступающим Новым годом!!!подарочек приобретен )))
07.12.2022 11:22:37
Ключ приходит мгновенно , все активировалось без проблем по инструкции к товару , продавца рекомендую 👍
20.11.2022 21:55:18
Все ок.
20.11.2022 11:06:01
все хорошо
18.11.2022 18:50:45
Всё отлично
23.10.2022 10:16:38
22.10.2022 13:48:37
Спасибо за товар!!
22.10.2022 6:33:11
Все работает отлично!!!👌👌👌Надёжный продавец!!!
16.10.2022 13:22:37
15.10.2022 20:55:57
Всё хорошо, спасибо
15.10.2022 14:30:40
01.10.2022 12:43:36
Все супер спасибо
01.10.2022 0:23:18
Код пришел сразу, активировался без проблем с помощью Урбан впн. Продавцу спасибо!
23.09.2022 16:15:49
спасибо, получил
04.09.2022 13:09:14
Всё удачно, большое спасибо продавцу!
03.09.2022 7:42:31
02.09.2022 18:18:36
Всё супер
24.08.2022 15:03:09
Всё отлично. Активировал через URBAN VPN.
22.08.2022 17:14:31
все успешно установилось и ценник не завышен
16.08.2022 15:53:38
Ключ рабочий, спасибо
16.07.2022 21:25:21

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