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Head down the aisle with The Sims 4 Wedding Story Playset! Plan the perfect wedding ceremony and make the preparations special. Lead everything from proposal to reception and bring a unique love story to life. It is impossible to do without romance in Tartosa.

Preparation for the celebration. So many things to do! Choose a witness to make wedding preparations fun and easy. And then arrange an engagement dinner, a wedding rehearsal and an unforgettable hen or stag party.
Your vision for a special day. Think over the upcoming marriage to the smallest detail. Choose your Sims´ wedding attire, menu, decorations, schedule... it all matters! Visit places created by the creators of the game´s community, try cakes, choose flowers and traditions.
Eternal Union. Arrange a wedding dinner rehearsal with your family before the big day. And when it finally comes, fulfill all your fantasies. Exchange vows and rings at the altar and start celebrating. Serve the family tea or go straight to the ceremony. Newlyweds and guests can dance together, and spouses can cut the cake, make a toast and receive congratulations.
New objects

Walkways for the wedding ceremony
Food stalls
Holiday drinks
wedding bouquets
Wedding cakes and figurines
buffet tables
dance floor
gravy fountain
Tea sets
New social events

Party before the wedding
Oath renewal
wedding banquet
Family celebration
Wedding dinner rehearsal
Engagement Dinner
New item collection

Message bottles
Other innovations

A slow dance
Assigning Roles to Characters for a Wedding
Drawing in the sand
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Спасибо большое, все прекрасно прошло, проблем не было. Ответ быстрый
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Быстро и надежно!
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Все ок
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Спасибо продавцу, все отлично!
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Всё пришло моментально.)
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Код работает, спасибо! :)
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Лай продавцу, код пришел, игра грузится )

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